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The Amniodisk is the human amniotic membrane, which undergoes several stages of preparation, drying and sterilization. Its most important applications are the treatment of wounds and superficial lesions of the eye and the reconstruction of corneal tissue in eye injuries and eye surgeries.

The Amniodisk can be used as a patch dressing or as a graft in the surgical procedure. In the case of a craft, the amniotic disc is no longer a temporary dressing and will become part of the patient's tissue after placement.

General Information

What are the indications of Amniodisk?

• Repair of epithelial defects (including neurotrophic keratopathy lesions and perforation of the cornea on epithelial surfaces or basement membrane or stromal layer)

• Healing various injuries such as chemical / thermal burns and wounds after various surgeries

Features of the Amniodisk

• Storage: Store at room temperature 15 to 20 degrees and dry condition. Its expiration date is 5 years

• Suture less: This means that it can be fixed on the eye without the use of sutures and with the help of a bandage lens that is placed next to the Amniodisk in the desired product.

How to apply the Amniodisk?

The surgeon can use a dry amniotic membrane in either amniotic, stromal, or a combination of the two. In addition, it can be used as a graft or patch.

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